Russell Wilson has agreed to join up with the Pittsburgh Steelers in free agency, after a staggeringly disappointing stay in CO. The craziest part, is that he was cut by the Broncos after just two years ago trading two 1st-round picks, two 2nd-round picks, a 5th-round pick and 3 starting-caliber players and then PAYING Wilson $245M. Life comes at you fast boy…

Taking time to examine his new contract: it is for ~$1.2M, which will (barring injury) make him almost automatically one of the best values for a quarterback contract in the league. This is a low-risk gamble by general manager, Omar Khan and head coach, Mike Tomlin. What’s even more interesting is, look at where Wilson chose to go…

Russ could’ve gone to Atlanta, with an offensive coaching staff that comes from McVay’s innovative Rams attack. They’ll throw the ball a bit to ease everyone’s concerns about leveraging Drake London and Kyle Pitts. He could’ve held out for the Minnesota job, where talented names such as Hockenson, Jefferson and Addison reside.

Wilson could’ve even hitched on with the New York Giants who may draft a top WR after taking a WR in the top-3 rounds each of the last two years. They also have an up-and-coming offensive coordinator in Mike Kafka, who added assistant head coach to his title and may look to convert to a more pass-centric attack after losing Saquon Barkley. How about Las Vegas, where he could’ve gotten revenge on the Broncos while throwing to Davante Adams, Tre Tucker and mayyybe B.A.

It’s telling that RW3 chose (in some sense of the word) Pittsburgh. Tough and gritty, blue-collar Pittsburgh (Yes, THAT one Kyle Brandt! I think he fits better in Pittsburgh than in Denver). Those boys stay with a tough defense and a physical run game as their calling cards.

Those descriptions sound eerily similar to Seattle under Pete Carroll?? 🤔 *except the PNW has whitened its collars with the waves of tech bros*.

Russell Wilson was a game manager early in his career, then reached a point where he came into his own as a downfield passer, captured a celebrity girlfriend who became his wife, was getting yearly MVP hype and was seen as an underappreciated player who he carried the Hawks on his back at times after the Legion of Boom. Did he reach a point where he felt that he outgrew Seattle’s old school, ball control ways under Pete Carroll?

Apparently, he wanted Pete and John fired, and for offensive guru, Sean Payton to be installed in Seattle. Wilson believed Seattle should be more aggressive in throwing the ball more (I can’t find the quote at the moment but leave a comment if you can track it down), and even convinced Greg Olson (who I have mild distain for) of that too.

Here’s Greg Olsen, not understanding what Pete Carroll apparently understood all along.

NOW HE’S GOING BACK to a defensive head coach who likes to run the ball!! His offensive coordinator will be Arthur Smith: he who gained fame off of an offense featuring Derrick Henry as its cornerstone in Tennessee, then drafted Bijan Robinson to join a previous 1K-yard rushing rookie (Tyler Allgeier) in Atlanta.

The Steelers will be running the HELL outta that rock! Looks like Wilson has humbled himself after being cut for possibly the first time in his life? He took the veteran minimum salary (even though he’s still swimming in money like Scrooge McDuck).

It will be fascinating to see if his once perhaps Hall-of-Fame-worthy trajectory can get back on track with a formula that helped him dazzle in the first place. This move gives the vibe that Wilson was (understandably) humbled by his experience in Denver and will do whatever it takes to bounce back.

I don’t like the Steelers as a team, but I do respect Tomlin and the organization. Do you know that Wilson was the most sacked QB in the NFL over the last two years in Denver?!

Pittsburgh has a shot to take a bookend offensive tackle (Amarius Mims anyone?) on the other side of Broderick Jones in this year’s draft to insulate Russ. George Pickens is also an elite deep threat (league-high 18.1 yards per catch)… DangeRuss’ specialty. The Steelers were a playoff team last year, and they feel this move could help them improve after ranking 28th in scoring offense last year.

Now that Russell Wilson is no longer in Denver, learning that the grass is not always greener, I find myself rooting for him again. Seattle got the bag from the Broncos, now I can stop maniacally cheering on their downfall. That’s how it shakes, right?

Wilson is a Seattle legend who had an acrimonious exit… but I’d like to see him turn the end of his career back around and make us proud. He did finish with the 7th-highest QB Rating in the league through week 17 (I threw out week 18, since handfuls of starters rested for the playoffs), so there is hope of the presence of gas left in his tank.

I’m also all for the levels of pettiness and now want to see Russell Wilson stick one up (figuratively… I guess) in the general direction of Sean Payton. Love that the Broncos will be paying Mr. Unlimited $38M to play for a different team.

To answer your next question: NO, incumbent QB, Kenny Pickett is not winning the starting job over a 9x Pro Bowler. My man couldn’t even beat out Mason Rudolph! K.P. has thrown for multiple TDs in a game ONCE in 2 years.

I’m sorry Kenny

Of course, you can always harbor a grudge and root against Russ. That’s part of what makes sports so great. 😈