WOW. What a game. I almost forgot what being on the edge of my seat was like… leave it to the Seahawks to remind us. Being a Hawks fan ain’t for the faint of heart.

The story of the season very well may be Russell Wilson at the peak of his powers, cooking like we’ve never seen before. He had 5 🖐🏾 passing tuddies on Sunday. He’s the leading man in a premature MVP race, and being discussed on every talk show with regards to who sits on the QB throne at the moment. He deserves it, as he’s been consistently great for us. We almost expect his greatness and wizardry at this point, but it should not be taken for granted.

The defense also made quite the impressive goal line stand, stuffing the prolific and highly impressive Cam Newton (who has shut a lot of ya’ll up) from doing what he has done so many times. I’m hoping that this is the beginning of a little swag to L.J. Collier’s game (he also batted one of Cam Newton’s passes at the line). Hopefully now he knows that he can play with the big boys.

You know who already knew that before the rest of America did? D.K. Metcalf. Not only did he make it rough on an elite cornerback in Stephon Gilmore, but he took the physicality straight to his throat! Metcalf dominated the reigning Defensive Player of the Year with 4 catches for 92 yards and a 54 yard TD with said player draped all over his back. This was a lockdown corner, and both D.K. and Russ went right at him. That’s the level of confidence they have in each other.

Does everybody understand that D.K. Metcalf went super saiyan? Gilmore was getting manhandled and straight bullied out there!! Some will talk about that 160-yard explosion in Philly in the playoffs last year being his breakout game… but against the Patriots, D.K. announced to the world that he’s just heating up. If you think that cornerbacks, safeties and defensive coordinators around the league didn’t watch in awe, and that it’ll change how they defend us, then its time to wake up. Metcalf is a problem. The best of the best became a speed bump in his path. When asked about the matchup and how it seemed that Metcalf got the better of him, Stephon Gilmore replied: “Russell Wilson is a great quarterback” (😂).

D.K. Metcalf is a taller, heavier AND faster Terrell Owens. Now, T.O. is a hall of famer, and one of the top 5 most prolific receivers ever, so don’t get it twisted… but I’m just sayin’, these are the type of tools that D.K. is working with. He’s no longer some prospect to watch. He proved himself to be a weapon who can dominate whoever, whenever. Should we start calling him Baby T.O.?

Can’t wait to see what else Russell and D.K. cook up together this season. That will be an enjoyable side quest to this season. Having a legitimate threat, such as Metcalf, changes the complexion and play calling of the Hawks’ O. He is also starving to get his respect, and I’m here for allahdat.